• Hokudai Marché 2019

    Hokudai Marché in 2019 finished. This year's event was held on August 17 (Sat) and 18 (Sun) for two days. Thank you for coming to our event!

  • We are looking for volunteers!!

    We are opening for partner who want to make this event together! Let's be part of Hokudai Marché and make it the best marché ever!

    Every year, Hokkaido University, Fuji Women's University, Tenshi University, Hokkai Gakuen University, Musashi Women's Junior College, etc... about 100 students from many universities participate!


    Those who want to participate please answer the following Google Form.


    Let's make the Hokudai Marché together!

    Why don't we make the Hokudai Marché to be held on August 18th with us?

    The best memories of this summer ! !

    On the 16th (Fri), we will set up facilities such as tents and stages from the afternoon, and on 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun), volunteers will support sales and production at each booth, and assist the operation of events planned by students !
    There is work to clean up only on 18th (Sun)

    There is also a wrap-up party after the end of the Hokkaido University Marché!

  • Theme of 2019

    Theme of the 2019 Hokudai Marché

    Tell 味 & Show 味 ~What will you eat tomorrow?~

    ("味" means taste in Japanese and pronounces "Mi". It's a play on words "味" and "me".)

    The theme of this year (2019) has been decided on "Tell 味 & Show 味 ~あした何食べる?~"!


    The theme of this year was decided to be the theme "Tell 味 & Show 味 ~あした何食べる?~" As the background of the theme decision, despite the era of satiety, there are various contradictory situations such as potential nutrient deprivation problem and solitary eating, poor eater, eating same food etc... in Japan.

    And also, there is a growing interest in these food problems. However, we think that many people who know these topics as news and social issues, in fact, feel that they are difficult and other people's affairs topics.

    Therefore, in this Marché, we will focus on the "deliciousness" underlying the action of "eating" that is necessary to live. First of all, let the visitors be aware again and discover the "my deliciousness", and also have the visitors re-evaluate their usual meals through this event.

    We hope that this event will trigger for you to re-aware that these food problems are not other people's affairs.

  • Date&Time

    Holding place and time, access


    Loan in front of Hokkaido University Faculty of Agriculture


    Go straight from the main entrance of Hokkaido University and you will find the campus of the Faculty of Agriculture.


    12 minutes walk from JR Sapporo Station

    10 minutes walk from Namboku Subway Line Kita 12 Station




    We do not set up temporary parking lot in campus this year.

    Please use public transportation etc... to come.

  • What is Hokudai Marché?

    You can eat many kinds of tasty foods!

    As many farmhouses and agricultural cooperatives are open stores, you can eat a lot of delicious gourmet food in Hokkaido!

    All seller are farmers in Hokkaido, and All food are made in Hokkaido !!

    We visit farmers directly and use safe, secure and high quality ingredients.

    Through the interaction between consumers and producers, we aim to create a place where people who come can enjoy and learn about food and agriculture.

    All members are students !!

    All planning and management are managed by students.

    Last year, about 30 graduate students of Hokkaido University and about 100 volunteer students managed last year.

    Let's make the Hokudai Marché together!

    More than 10,000 visitors! ! This year is the tenth anniversary of this event ! !

    Last year, more than 10,000 people visited in two days and enjoyed Hokkaido ingredients.

    Hokudai Marché is held for the tenth year, and has become a summer feature of Hokkaido University.

    Take place at Hokkaido University !!

    This year's program will also be held at the Hokkaido University Campus Faculty of Agriculture loan.

    Hokkaido University has a large campus, but it will be held at the Faculty of Agriculture near Sapporo Station.

    Please feel free to come even if you have not usually entered into Hokkaido University.

  • Stores & Plans

    About store and plan information of this year

    Apologies for only Japanese version.

    There are various shopkeepers on the day! !

    Last updated of Store opening information:2018/08/15

  • Comparing the Tastes

    At this year's Hokudai Marché, we plan a event to compare foods.

    ※We are currently considering what kind of ingredients to use for the project

    You can experience various differences!

    There are many varieties, sources, cooking methods, processing methods, etc. that are the basis of the difference in taste.

    In this project, you can feel the difference between the varieties by eating and comparing them.

    We aim to be able to have a little step into what you feel is delicious.

    Planning intention

    We thought there are not many opportunities to think about the differences between them, whether you are eating regularly or have never eaten.

    We would like to visitors to think about their taste once at this opportunity, and to find some hints that they can use for their own diet.

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